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Event branding

The concept was to create a brand identity, re-design and advertise a solution for the FEI World Equestrian Games 2022, in a new venue with the correct requirements and facilities to host the equestrian sport games. The brands events are organized to bring together top international equestrian athletes to participate in one of the eight different FEI disciplines. The brand aim is to demonstrate a classy, luxurious feel in the design and branding for the FEI WEG 2022 in Al Shaqab, Doha, Qatar. The design is influenced by a modern art style and represents the colours of Doha, Qatar.


Discipline illustration designs

Brand manual


App design

Promotional video

Event branding & advertising

Poster advertising
Advertising mockup
Magazine mockup
Facebook profile
Instagram profile
Live scoreboard screen
Ticket design
Stationery design
Website mockup
Pop-up shop display
Team apparel
Team apparel

Wine branding

The challenge was to create a new range of Spanish Andalucían wine and packaging, branding for a younger generation in a more modern market, however still being sympathetic to its historical context. The brand and packaging design should tap into the market for Spanish gourmet products but achieved in a contemporary way. After visiting the Spanish Bodega Descalzos Viejos (winery) in Ronda I gathered inspiration and ideas for my wine brand design. I have re-design the wineries logo, olive label, red and white wine bottle labels and packaging.

Horse illustration

horse sketch p.jpg

Red & white wine labels


Wine bottles & packaging

Olive label design

Wine boxes
Gourmet products
Wine advertising

Wine branding & packaging